Self-rehabilitation of your shoulder.

An essential step

A simple and progressive method to regain use of your shoulderTwo principles must be respectedEach movement should be done in PAINLESS and GENTLE

Self rehabilitation may be effected 4 times a day for 10 minutes

These exercises can supplement your physiotherapy

Never “force” the reeducated arms and stop the motion at or it starts to “pull” on the shoulder, week after week, your shoulder will loosen.You can perform these exercises in front of a mirror to visually check the elevation of the shoulders


This is the 1st year to perform for warm shoulder

  • Position : standing, hand or elbow resting on a corner table, the swinging arm, relaxed
  • Objective : Perform gentle movements, using the weight of the arm. The shoulder is fully released from any muscle tension
  • Movements : Making circles in one direction then the other
  • Rehearsals : 10 circles in each direction 10 times
  • Consulting : the movement is not forced. 

The hand moves like a pendulum at the end of a wire. One can also use a water bottle in hand


  • Position : First lengthened, then sat up and finally if it is comfortable
  • Objective : Improving mobility to the front of the shoulder, using the opposite arm without exerting forced movement
  • Movement 2 join hands forward, the opposite arm has rehabilitated the arm upwards and hold the up and down
  • Rehearsals : 10 élévations, 5 fois
  • Council : the “descent” must also be controlled by the opposite arm


  • Position : First sitting and standing after several sessions
  • Goal : Improving mobility to the side and back of the shoulder
  • Movements : A / External: the elbow is glued against the body, the hand turns outward. B / Internal: hand in the back up towards the shoulder blade
  • Rehearsals : 10 repetitions of each movement 10 times
  • Tips : What are the most difficult moves to make, comparing progress with the opposite arm

The Spider

  • Position : Stand facing a wall, the 2 arms outstretched, fingers touching the wall
  • Goal : Improving mobility forward shoulder
  • Movement : Fingers “ride” on the wall from the bottom up, the body away from the wall to keep the arms straight and the descent of the arm is controlled
  • Reps : 10 reps of each ascent and descent, 5 times
  • Tips : The “descent” of the fingers of the wall must be gradual, it is the movement of fingers climbed the arm

Mathieu illustration Pinet

Doctor Yoann BOHU, Doctor Serge HERMAN, Doctor Nicolas LEFEVRE. – 23 octobre 2013.