This year, we will have the privilege of hosting 500 participants for a program highlighting the Olympic Games. The congress promises to be even more captivating than previous editions, with twice as many speakers and numerous renowned experts from the medical-sports world, thanks to the exceptional opportunity of having two lecture halls.

The complete conference program will be communicated to you soon.

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Our team is specialized in the management of traumatic knee injuries: rupture of crossed ligaments, meniscal lesions, tendon lesions but also degenerative lesions (osteoarthritis). In particular, our institution is in first place among the top hospitals for the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. The objective will always be an optimal recovery at the forefront of current techniques (ambulatory surgery, arthroscopic, minimally invasive, meniscal suture to prevent the risk of osteoarthritis, partial prosthesis, custom-made prosthesis, cartilage or meniscus transplant, etc.) and will be adapted whatever your level of sport and your expectations.


Traumatic or degenerative pathologies are multiple in this joint very stressed in many sports and professions (rotator cuff injury, shoulder instability, tendon calcification, acromio-clavicular disjunction, osteoarthritis, fractures).

Our hyperspecialized team will be able to adapt the treatment whether medical or surgical. The choice will always go towards a minimalist and restorative surgery in order to obtain the best results as soon as possible (ambulatory surgery, arthroscopic or minimally invasive, immediate and adapted rehabilitation, custom prosthesis, cartilage repair).


Osteoarthritis, rupture of the hamstrings, femoral-acetabular conflict, hip diseases require specialized medical-surgical management in order to provide the optimal solution allowing a total resumption of your activities (outpatient surgery, arthroscopic surgery, minimalist anterior pathway, rapid rehabilitation optimized).


Traumatic injuries to the ankle are particularly frequent and too often neglected. Early specialist support is needed. Achilles Tendon Rupture, Ankle Sprain and Instability, Fibular Tendinopathies, Fractures, Osteochondrial Slope Dome Injury (LODA), Haglund: the techniques used are all conservative and will allow an optimal return to your sports and professional activities (ambulatory surgery, locoregional anesthesia, ankle ligamentoplasty under arthroscopy, cartilage repair, rapid rehabilitation, minimally invasive suture).

Why choose our center?

Our clinic is for anyone with a pathology or trauma of the knee, shoulder, ankle or hip caused by a life-long accident or caused by the practice of a sport.

After the development of an accurate diagnosis of your problem, we will schedule the date of your intervention. The surgeon, surrounded by the specialists of the clinic (medical imaging, anesthesiologist, physiotherapist), will offer the patient a comprehensive management; most often in ambulatory surgery, the patient will be back at home the same day of his admission.

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