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Sports clinic in Paris

This site is dedicated to sports clinic patients looking for objective information about trauma and sports surgery. The information is consistent with the data acquired from science and is written in such a way as to be clear to the greatest number. Its objective is the description of sports pathology through text, diagrams, photographs, animations, and videos related to sports and osteoarthritis. The site is not intended to be exhaustive but it provides information that can complement a medical or surgical consultation without ever wanting to replace this one which remains essential for the patient for a good understanding of his pathology. The information provided on this site is provided by medical professionals: sports clinical physicians, rheumatologists, functional rehabilitation physicians, orthopedic surgeons, sports surgeons, sports chiropodists gathered within the “ ”group of the Paris sports clinic 36 bd St Marcel 75005 Paris This site does not benefit from any financial support, does not host or receive any advertising funds. It is carried out entirely by the entire medical team at “. Sports clinic

A hyper-specialized establishment

Based on a recent need for the treatment of pathologies linked to the practice of sport, the former Saint-François Clinic, which became Sports Clinic, was taken over by Générale de Santé in 2002. Renewal of the medical profession with a surgical team renowned has made it possible to design and set up a medical and scientific project based on the quality of practices. Générale de Santé is committed to supporting this project, in particular through an intense renovation program and careful management of human resources.
Today, the Sports Clinic is a private, contracted establishment hyper-specialized in orthopedics, traumatology and sports medicine.
Highly specialized medical and surgical consultations, reference imaging and recognized competence in functional rehabilitation guarantee our patients the best management of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, whether degenerative or related to physical activity.

Why contact the sports clinic in Paris?

When you suffer from a condition that affects your joints and / or ligaments, the best choice is to contact a doctor or surgeon at the Paris Sports Clinic. Even if you are not athletic, our skills are made for you. The main traumas are to the knee, shoulder, hip or ankle joints, but we can treat your bone, tendon and ligament pathologies whatever the origin. We have modern technical facilities, and a medical imaging service allowing the necessary examinations such as an x-ray, ultrasound, scanner, MRI, EOS etc. Our office of sports surgeons will welcome you if your case requires an operation, such as rotator cuff surgery, and will advise you on the best course of action before treating your trauma surgically. You can make an appointment directly on our site.

What is a sports clinic?

You don’t need to be athletic to contact our clinic. Anyone can have, at one time or another, a medical concern which concerns trauma to the limbs and joints. Whether it is a degenerative disease or following an injury due to sports, a specialist from our clinic will provide you with care adapted to your physiology. The staff who work for us are called upon to deal with trauma to the knee, hip, ankle and shoulder. You will be dealing with physiotherapists for rehabilitation sessions, sports doctors, but also sports surgeons depending on your pathology. Cruciate ligament injuries of the knee or fissured meniscus are among the most frequent reasons for consultations, with more than 1000 ligamentoplasties performed each year by the surgeons of our team. All our practitioners are experts in their field of intervention. Regarding all your ligamentous sports pathologies, whether it is a dislocation of the shoulder or a sprain, whether your condition requires surgery or not, your multidisciplinary management (physiotherapist, podiatrist, sports doctor and sports surgeon) will be of equal and consistent quality. If you need a joint prosthesis (knee, hip or shoulder prosthesis), our specialists will be there to provide you with the latest technologies (prosthesis planning with 3D scanner, custom cutting guides and prostheses on measurement), you can resume your activities after a few weeks of rehabilitation.

What are the missions of the sports clinic in Paris?

Above all, they are surgeons at your service. After a precise diagnosis, your doctor will decide on your treatment with you. Who says surgeon, says surgical intervention. Most often on an outpatient basis, or a few days on site, your operation will be closely monitored. The sports surgeon can reduce a fracture, place a prosthesis or braces. He also operates on all ligament and osteo-muscular trauma. He is an expert in skeletal anatomy and bone tissue repair. It works on the upper and lower limbs. He will also take care of guiding you for your rehabilitation or follow-up and rehabilitation care. He works in a team with physiotherapists and doctors. Do not hesitate to call on our surgeons at the sports clinic in Paris, specialists in trauma, you can make an appointment directly on our site.