Factsheet after knee arthroscopy

Appropriate conduct on check out are:

  • Follow the treatment given to you by your surgeon output (analgesics, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant injections etc. ..)
  • Icing your knee 3-4 times a day
  • No rehabilitation, exceptions
  • By contrast, rehabilitation auto with walking, full support, flexion and knee extension permitted without restriction, they are guided by the gene and pain (except meniscal suturing)
  • No sport for a month, with exceptions
  • Bathing is forbidden, showers

After a knee arthroscopy, are usual:

  • Moderate pain not preventing sleep, calmed by the treatment that has been prescribed to your output
  • Knee pain resumed walking
  • Knee swelling, sometimes significant lasting more than 3 weeks
  • A subcutaneous hematoma is not disturbing and can diffuse to the anterior surface of leg and calf
  • Finally, difficulty bending the knee associated with swelling of the knee that will gradually disappear in 3 weeks

Are unusual:

  • Severe pain preventing sleep despite treatment – a huge swelling of the knee tends to increase
  • Fever and chills
  • A flow on the stitches
  • A painful redness around the stitches
  • A red and burning skin
  • An absolute inability to walk due to pain
  • Finally, severe pain calf

In case of unusual signs, reconnect with your surgeon or your doctor.

Doctor Yoann BOHU, Doctor Serge HERMAN, Doctor Nicolas LEFEVRE. – 10 janvier 2013.