Arthrolatarjet: The coracoid bone block screwed in front of the glenoid arthroscopically.

Latarjet arthroscopic intervention

The procedure is most often performed under general anesthesia with an inter-scalene block made ??preoperatively by the anesthetist. It involves taking a bone block of about 2 cm at the expense of the coracoid and place it in the anterior and inferior part of the glenoid cavity, passing through the subscapularis muscle. The coracoid can be positioned upright and secured by a screw according to Bristow or lying and fixed by two screws according Latarjet.

Stabilization through the stop effect produced by the bone block, the hammock effect created by the tensioning of coracoacromial biceps inserted on the tip of the coracoid.

It is a demanding process, but with a reliable and reproducible technique.

Doctor Antoine GEROMETTA, Doctor Nicolas LEFEVRE, Doctor Yoann BOHU, Doctor Serge HERMAN. – 1 décembre 2015.